Step 2 – Public Relations, Marketing & Sponsorships

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$199 Per Event Package / $99 When Bundled With Web Site Build

Marketing, Public Relations and Sponsorship Sales are areas in which most events fail to fully capitalize. Put simply, Public Relations is managing the spread of information between your event and the public; Marketing is conveying the value of your product (in this case your event) over another product (a competing event); Sponsorship Sales is convincing another organization to pay you to be a part of your event. Obviously these are very broad definitions and a true PR, Marketing and Sponsorship Plan can be as simple or complex as you are willing to create. At Races123 we can manage the bulk of this work for you. With an array of customizable forms, field-tested sample documents and a step-by-step procedural description your event will be in the minds of your prospective customers in no time. From traditional television and print media to social media and on-line advertisements, the Races123 Public Relations plan covers every avenue your event might need. There is no need to hire an expensive PR Firm when you have all the tools you need right here at a price your event budget can afford.

In addition to a fully customizable PR and Marketing plan Races123 will link you to the most sophisticated sponsorship sales platform in the world. This sales tool will walk you step-by-step through the entire sponsorship process. From property valuation and proposal generation to contract and activation schedule creation, Races123 and HelpGetSponsors will give your event the look and feel of a large, national caliber property.

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