About Us

USAT_CrtfdRaceDirector_Level2RRCA180x180The consulting team at Races123 is made up of dedicated, trained and field tested event directors and web designers.  With over 20 years of event directing experience and 300+ events directed, the team at Races123 knows exactly what is needed to create a successful event. It is this experience and expertise that led to the creation of Races123.  As athletes who participate in running, triathlon and group events, the team at Races123 has found many event web sites to be confusing, cumbersome and lacking in necessary race information.  After being frustrated and confused by one too many poorly structured web sites, the founders of Races123 simply said “enough is enough”.  This “enough is enough” attitude is what drives us here to constantly work to improve your experience as an event director, and in turn enhance your event and the experiences of your athletes.

The team at Races123 boasts the following credentials:

  • RRCA Certified Race Director
  • USA Triathlon Level II Race Director
  • Over 300 events directed
  • Over 20 years of combined race directing experience
  • Over 300 race websites designed
  • Over 150,000 athletes serviced
  • Participant in over 100 events including Ironman & Marathons